These are the Six Advantages and Specifications of Suryawangsa 2 Solar-Car Microbus -

2022-06-09 06:43:57 By : Ms. Helen Ying

SURYA Online, SURABAYA - As an alternative transportation, the Solar-Car Suryawangsa 2 solar powered Microbus car created by students of SMK Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi, Malang Regency has a number of advantages.First, the use of renewable energy, namely absorbing solar energy from the surrounding environment when driving by photovoltaic (solar cells), so that it is no longer dependent on fuel oil.Second, Trully Green Energy Technology, a transportation technology that is environmentally friendly and does not produce exhaust emissions.Third, the ability to provide electricity at every engine speed.Meanwhile, oil-fueled vehicles are only about 20 percent of the chemical energy in gasoline which will be converted into mechanical energy in internal combustion.Fourth, Cabin Green Cooling Energy, a non-CFC air conditioning technology that uses TEC-12706 Thermo Electric Peltier Cooler is a cooling technology that utilizes the cold side of the Peltier effect.Fifth, the Motor Cooling System, a motor cooling technology that utilizes the cold effect of the combination of TEC Thermo Electric with the blowing of cold air produced by cooling.Sixth, Dry Ice Back Camera, a rear camera that is active when the vehicle is reversing, which helps drivers when parking.In addition, it is equipped with solar panels, motor panels and battery panels, making it easier to carry out quality control.It is also enhanced with matic technology (automation transmission), measuring light intensity (measuring light intensity), and based on low voltage (low voltage consumption).