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The Apex Instruments TEC-1612 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler is a robust single-stage gas cooler that effectively reduces interference from water vapor, thus drying the sample gas for extractive gas analysis. Designed to be mounted on a wall or in a rack, the TEC-1612 gas cooler can also be converted to a portable unit with our optional frame.

“The TEC-1612 was designed to provide stack testers with a reliable, cost-effective gas cooler capable of operating in a wide range of ambient conditions. Its small size, light weight, and modest power consumption mean it can be positioned at the ideal points in a sample train to ensure the best results,” says Justin Mixon, Apex Instruments Engineering Manager.

The TEC-1612 has a single, easily removable condenser encased in an insulated aluminum block. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel, the condenser is designed to effectively [JM1] separate condensed moisture from a sample gas. The micro-annular flow channel provides maximum condensation efficiency with minimum contact time, while the single condenser setup improves response time. The condenser can be treated with a variety of optional coatings including SilcoTek® or a unique, patented Teflon® coating process.

The chiller is cooled by two rugged, high-performing Apex Instruments Pinnacle heat pumps, which are the most innovative thermoelectric modules on the market. The solid-state thermoelectric heat pump modules, which operate on the Peltier effect, cool the sample gas and maintain a stable dew point. Then, the integrated peristaltic pump ensures rapid removal of condensation from the system.

The heat pumps are designed to withstand rigorous use[JM2] [WG3]  yet be easy to service. The pumps use a high-performance heat exchanger with a copper base, along with heat pipes with high thermal conductivity that remove heat from the hot side of the system and disperse it to the surrounding environment via the exhaust fan. The dual high-output axial fans together with the latest thermosiphon exchangers protect the thermoelectric units and allow the gas conditioning system to operate in a wider range of ambient conditions.

The TEC-1612 is equipped with a variable DC voltage PID temperature controller, OLED display with power monitor, and IP-rated switching power supply.

The TEC-1612 is a crucial component of an extractive sampling system for instrumental gas analysis, which also includes a heated probe and filter, a heated sample line, a gas sampling pump, and our AFD-510 gas distribution line. You can use the cooler as a stand-alone unit or pair it with our ACC-1610 Air-Cooled Condenser.

Based in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, Apex Instruments has been a leading manufacturer of source sampling equipment for more than 35 years. Offering best-in-class customer service, we are happy to answer questions and provide technical support on the TEC-1612 gas cooler and other sampling products.

For more information on the TEC-1612, please visit our website, or call our sales department at +1-919-592-3517.

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