Large Fragment Fracture Internal Fixation Instrument Set & Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Medical Instrument & Lower Extremity Fracture Internal Fixation Instrument

SEQPRODUCT NAMESPECIFICATIONUNITQUANTITY1lower limb plate bender SET12Automatic Central  bone holder forceplargePC23crooked head reduction forceplargePC14extended periosteal stripper12mmPC15extended periosteal stripper16mmPC16cusp reduction forceplargePC17double head compression guide  drillφ3.2PC18guide drill

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1lower limb plate bender SET1
2Automatic Central  bone holder forceplargePC2
3crooked head reduction forceplargePC1
4extended periosteal stripper12mmPC1
5extended periosteal stripper16mmPC1
6cusp reduction forceplargePC1
7double head compression guide  drillφ3.2PC1
8guide drillφ4.5-6.5PC1
9guide drillφ3.2-4.5PC1
10drill bitφ3.2*200PC2
11drill bitφ4.5*200PC2
12hexagon screwdriverSW3.5PC1
15slip extractor3.5PC1
16countersink drillφ8.0PC1
17broken nail hollow sawφ6.0PC1
18depth gauge90mmPC1
19intrument kit PC1

Large Fragment Fracture Internal Fixation Instrument Set & Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Medical Instrument & Lower Limb Fracture Internal Fixation Instrument

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