Orthopedic Instruments, Nail Instrument Sets Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments

Proximal Femoral Nail System CanPFNPFN instrument set, surgical instruments CanPFN  Instrumet   SetNO.P.NDescriptionQty.1114400011Hexagonal Solid Screwdriver Length 248mm12115400001Insertion Handle13115400002Proximal Aiming Arm14115400003Buttress Nut for Proximal Aiming Arm25115400004Protection Sleeve for dis

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Proximal Femoral Nail System CanPFN

Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument
Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument

Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument

PFN instrument set, surgical instruments

CanPFN  Instrumet   Set
1114400011Hexagonal Solid Screwdriver Length 248mm1
2115400001Insertion Handle1
3115400002Proximal Aiming Arm1
4115400003Buttress Nut for Proximal Aiming Arm2
5115400004Protection Sleeve for distal locking2
6115400005Obturator for Distal Locking2
7115400006Trocar for Distal Locking1
8115400007Compression Nut1
9115400008Protection Sleeve for blade1
10115400009Protection Sleeve for lag screw1
11115400010Obturator for Blade1
12115400011Obturator for Lag Screw1
13115400012Protection Sleeve for lag screw1
15115400014Connecting Nut1
16115400015Aiming Arm for distal locking1
17115400055Distal Aiming Connecting Shaft1
18115400056Distal Targeting Device for Long Nail1
19115400057Targeting Device Nut for Long Nail1
20115400058Distal Outrigger1
21115400059Distal Outrigger Nut for Long Nail1
22115400060U-shaped Stabilizing Spacer1
23115400061Location Shaft1
24115400062Location Sleeve1
25115400063Handle Connecting Nut1
26115400016Universal Chunk with T-Handle1
27115400017Radiographic Ruler1
28115400018Protection Sleeve1
29115400019Drill Sleeve1
30115400020Ø5.2Protection Drill Sleeve1
31115400021Temporary End Cap for the lag screw1
33115400023Ø5.2Drill Bit1
34115400024Flat Drill with T-Handle1
35115400025Proximal Reamer1
38115400030Quick Connection T-Handle1
39115400031Ratchet Wrench for Nut, hexagonal1
40115400032Slotted Hammer1
41115400033Guide Wire Ø3.2×4005
42115400034Depth Gauge for Guide Wire Ø3.21
43115400035Cannulated Drill Bit for cortex boneØ10.6/Ø3.21
44115400036Cannulated Drill Bit with limitØ10.6/Ø3.21
45115400037Fixation Sleeve  SW4.5/φ3.21
46115400038Screwdriver for PFN Blade1
47115400039Extractor Connection shaft for blade1
48115400040Counter-torque Wrench for blade1
49115400041φ4.3 Drill Bitφ4.3/300mm3
50115400043Pin Wrench SW3/SW51
51115400044Depth Gauge for Locking screw1
52115400045Screwdriver,hexagonal SW3.51
53115400046Wrench with T-Handle1
54115400047Extractor for Nail M81
55115400048Guide Wire with Hook φ2.81
56115400049Cannulated Screwdriver for end cap φ2.8/SW4/SW111
57115400050Cannulated Wrench for end cap SW111
58115400051Extractor for Blade SW4.5/φ3.21
59115400052Cleaning Wire1
60115400053Lag Screw Holding shaft1
61115400054Wrench shaft for Lag Screw1
62115403000Instrument Tray1
 115409000Total amount1

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Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument

CANWELL Medical, a medical device company founded in 1994, is now one of  the largest designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of orthopedic implants and instruments in China through 20 years' development. We have over 60,000 square meters of workshop. Our product lines include traumatology, spinal fixation system and surgical instrument, covering products such as femoral nail, titanium plates and screws, pedicle screw with rods, PEEK cage, balloon kyphoplasty for spine fracture and other instrument sets.

We have made a significant investment to upgrade modern production equipment, improve production processes and develop superior technical skills. We are willing to work with customers and distributors world wide to provide the best orthopedics productand improve life quality for people in need.

Quality Assurance System>>

CANWELL has established a complete Quality Assurance System to continuously fulfill the requirements according to ISO9001, 13485, QSR820, CE, ranging from material procurement to design development and automated production processes.

QMS consists of five subsystem>>

- Design Control
- Purchasing Control
- Management Control
- Production & Process Control
- Corrective & Preventive Action

We will continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system and will provide our customers with products and services which consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

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Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument

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Orthopedic Instrument, Nail Instrument Set Medical Instruments, Orthopedic Instrument


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