Low concentration gas generator set power station 1500kw electricity price hospital generator backup power supply/container

LY1500GH-WL Low Concentration Gas High Voltage Genset Technical Parameters 50HzNOX≤500mg/Nm³1)Minimum Low Heating Value (LHV) Min: 0.9 KWh/Nm³Engine ModelLY16V170-WLEngine power2) kW1510Rated rotation speed r/min1500Average effective pressure MPa1.71Exhaust gas temperature ºC≤500Wet exhau

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Low Concentration Gas Generator Set Power Station 1500kw Power Price Hospital Generator Backup Power/ ContainerizedLY1500GH-WL Low Concentration Gas High Voltage Genset Technical Parameters 50Hz
Minimum Low Heating Value (LHV) Min: 0.9 KWh/Nm³
Engine ModelLY16V170-WL
Engine power2) kW1510
Rated rotation speed r/min1500
Average effective pressure MPa1.71
Exhaust gas temperature ºC≤500
Wet exhaust flowAboutkg/h7812
Combustion air flow±8%kg/h3185
Inlet air temp after intercooling±5ºC50
Ventilation volume3)Aboutkg/h34820
Engine Technical Parameters 
Bore/Stroke mm170/195
Displacement dm370.8
Average piston speed m/s9.75
Lubricant capacity4) dm3240
Lubricant consumption rate with 100% load g/kWh≤0.4
Efficiency5) %96.7
Energy BalanceLY1500GH-WL
Output electric power5) kW1460
High temp coolant heat±8%kW905
Low temp coolant heat±8%kW127
Heat of exhaust gas cooled to 120 ° C±8%kW898
Radiated heat from the engineAboutkW52
Radiated heat from the alternatorAboutkW50
Gas consumption±5%kW3715
Electrical efficiency %39.3
Thermal efficiency %48.5
Total efficiency %87.8
System Parameters 
Min/Max flow of high temp coolant m3/h52/66
Engine Kvs value6) m3/h46
Flow of low temperature coolant m3/h40
Intercooler Kvs value6) m3/h72
Engine coolant capacity dm3151
Intercooler coolant capacity dm352
High temp coolant temperature inlet/outlet ºC76/89
Low temp coolant temperature inlet/outlet ºC46/49
Max exhaust back pressure kPa5
Max pressure drop before the air filter kPa0.5
Gas pressure range kPa5-15
Startup method and battery capacity  Electric startup & DC24V@360Ah
1) Exhaust gas emission: Oxygen content 5%, dry exhaust gas, NOx≤500mg/Nm3
2) Engine power rating is based on ISO 3046/1 standard
3) The amount of ventilation air at Delta T=15K, including the amount of combustion air
4) Piping and lubricant heat exchangers are excluded
5) Frequency 50Hz, voltage 10500V, power factor is 1.0
6) The Kvs value refers to the flow rate with a pressure loss of 1 bar
This data is for reference only and is not intended to be a binding value. Please refer to the information in the technical agreement.
Genset ModelLY1500GH-WL
Net weightAboutkg15000
Sound power levelMultiplierHz32631252505001000200040008000
Exhaust noise120dB (A)109115122121118110109107106
Unit noise103dB (A)9610195969697969597
Exhaust gas noise at 1 meter, ±2.5 dB (A)
Unit side noise at 1 meter, ±1 dB (A)

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